Saturday, June 4, 2011

You definitely are more intrigued by everything around you, then you are by me.  I'm okay with it, because just getting to watch you learn and experience new things is incredible. I love spending my days with you. I love watching you do anything. Knowing the fact that because of my choices, you have the opportunity to live this beautiful life and be free. My days revolve around trying to get a little giggle out of you. You are a very serious guy and it's quite a task trying to make you smile. When you see me crawling toward you, you give me the most devilish grin and try to crawl away as fast as you can. I catch up to you and bite the side of your tummy. The most beautiful, precious, belly laugh gets busted out of you. I cherish every moment with you. You're are such a sweet pea. You enjoy all the simple things in life, and when you need me, you always know I'm here.

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