Must remember

December 5th 2009-     Conception.
April 11th 2010-       First time I felt him move. 
May 5th 2010-          It's a boy! Just what I hoped for.
September 12th 2010-   Baby shower.
September 13th 2010-   His arrival.
September 20th 2010-   Due date.
October 20th 2010-     First coo.
December 14th 2010-    First giggle.
January 1st 2011-      Rolled over all by himself.
January 16th 2011-     He grabbed and held his toes.
February 13th 2011-    Baby push ups!
February 28th 2011-     Sat all by himself!
March 13th 2011-       Tooooth has sprouted!
March 15th 2011-       Up on all fours, he put one knee in front of the other.
March 30ish-         Standing. Crawling. First tooth!! 
April 27th-          Cruising furniture. crazy kiddd.
May 30th-              Eli did his first sign language. "mama"!
June 2nd 2011-         Stood without holding anything!
June 12th 2011-        First top tooth poked out.
June 17th 2011-       First Steps. 

6 pounds 14 ounces.
19.75 inches long.