Letters to Eli

January 14th 2011

my little Eli,

I can't lie, I seriously love when you're asleep. Not implying that you're not absolutely mouth-dropping-adorable when you're awake,you are! You just wear me out kid. I would looooove to sleep in till 12 in the afternoon! Sometimes when you wake up too early I sleep in a little bitty bit longer while you peacefully lay there waiting for me. You're so sweet to me. Sometimes I think you may even love me as much as I love you. My eyes get all watery when you laugh, which is hardly ever. I guess I'm not that funny. You smile all the time, and I love your dimples! 
xoxo i lovee you more then you could know!

Dear Eli,

From the moment I saw you, you won my heart. You'll be 3 months  in couple days and I still can not take my eyes off your flawless face. You admiringly gaze back at me even when other people try to catch your eye. You discovered your toes a few days ago. I adore eating them only because it makes you smile. It terrifies me to know that you are growing so fast, so i watch every moment in amazement.

I love the way you stretch when you wake up.
I love the way you look at me.
I love your toothless-just-for-me smile.
I love watching you drift into sleep.
I love when you try and sing with me.
I love each little noise you make.
I love your eager wide beautiful blue eyes.
I love you more then words can describe.
You are the apple of my eye.