Get to know ME

Hey there. I'm Amadeus. (aw-muh-day-us)
I'm oneee of a kind. 
I'm 16 years young, and had my first son when I was 15.

My babys daddy never cared as much as I needed him to, 
so after a year I finally gave up on him and
asked him to sign over his rights.
He agree'd and I'll never understand why.

While I was pregnant I was alone. Few had hope in me
and I had no one to support or guide me.

So I cut out all my teenage bullshit.

I studied everyday about babies.
I saved every penny I could. 
I asked strangers for hand-me-downs.
I asked god to give me the strength to do this.
and I'm doing a damn good job so far.
My family is so proud and supportive now.
I'm MUCH better off with no baby daddy.(For now)
I pray for Eli to someday have a dad who can
raise him to be a good man.
I study for college.
I live with my dad. eh.
I love to clean, draw, and craft.
Music moves my soul.
Jesus is my love.
Working out is my escape. 
Books open my mind.
Blogging releases me.

and... Eli is everything to me.