Friday, June 3, 2011

These pictures don't even do Eli justice.
 They do, however, show you how amazingly captivating his eyes are.
 I've wanted blue eyes like these my whole life, and this lucky guy got them! 
He's going to steal some hearts... 
He's already stolen my mine.

and oh those little lips...
 They are so precious.
 I try so hard to kiss them but they are just so itty bitty!! 

Can't forget about his CUUUTE ears that stick out just enough to notice.
I could eat him up!!

His hair line? Adooooorre.
 two cowlicks on either side that make his hair come to the middle and curl.

That double baby chub chin.
I love love love.
Except all the nasty crusties I find under his neck when he looks up..

All the babbles he makes.
All the drool he bubbles.
And all the things he has to point to with his little fingers.


My sister thinks he is looking less baby-ish and more boy-ish.
 But I still see him as my little bitty baby.

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  1. I looove his double chin. He's got your family's hair line. lol