Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekends feel like I'm constantly doing something.
going here and there... doing this and that.
missing a few naps. and letting the hours fly by.
I love it.
Yay I bought some craftttss. Hot glue gun! Paint, and glitter. THE FUN STUFF! 
I've been so inspired by pinterest.

My first master piece. :)

I just got this APP, and i'm now totally addicted to instagrammm.

shopping for new clothes with eli! Always great.

This is joseyyyy!! my brothers girlfriend. Check out her cute blog.

My whole family showed up at Barton springs to hangout, tan, and swim.
We were not there 3 minutes, when it started POURING. Out of freakin' no where!!

so.. we all went to eat icecream.
 the perfect thing to do when it rains on our sunny day!

I cringed everytime Eli's aunt emily gave him icecream. 
I'm such a helicopter mom..

I love how Eli holds on with this little arm.
Eli and grampa. soo much love.


  1. Sun in his tired face photo, my favorite. ♥

  2. He is SO cute! And I love the name Eli, that was a front runner for us! (And still in our list for future :)

    I love the ice cream face, i would totally be the same way! I'm so iffy about sugar! Haha, that's ok, a little won't hurt them!