Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When I blog, I pour out my thoughts. No matter how random they may be. I hope for at least one person to completely understand how I feel. I love reading about dozens of  different little families blossoming. Even if we may not be friends, or never spoke to each other, I already feel so close to you. I feel your love bleeding from the pages on your blog. I feel your personality pouring out through each word. Bloggers have inspired me to exercise, eat better, and dress cuter. I've learned countless of  new things and different perspectives of life.
Blogging has become so close to me. Like a dear friend.

After all, I have no friends. I spend all my time being a mother and doing what I need to do. But I am not alone, ooooh no. I know many others who are doing just as I am. 
And I'm loving life. What about ya'll?

It's kind of like I get to search the country and find only the coolest, most inspiring mamas to get to know. 

I hope to meet many more wonderful women to look up to.

eli at 1 month. ooooooh. love love.

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