Thursday, June 16, 2011

The little things count the most.

I'm going to be honest. My mom isn't apart of my life to guide me and give my any much-needed advice.
So each new mom I meet is a blessing to me in some way. I learn so much from them. The occasional feedback I get, is really appreciated. I'm serious.

Anyway, I'll cut to the point. I want more followers. I want to meet tons of new people and hear feed back from lots of differant moms. I want to be well known as a Teen mom blogger.

It would mean tons if you'd help me grow as a blogger.

Just a few clicks. and go about your day.
Please. Please. PLEASE.

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  1. i think it's awesome that you want to get out there and get your blog noticed. and it can be hard when there are thousands of other mommy bloggers out there. i think the best way to do that is to visit other blogs and comment, comment, comment. it might sound tedious at first, but a lot of blogging is just networking. and once you get in, you're in. engage someone with your comment. say something witty, or ask them a question, and hopefully they will come back to your blog to answer that question. and then they'll see what you're all about.

    from experience with tbb, no one is really going to find you unless you're on the first page. it's kind of just a big waste of time.