Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 1 of Shred

Here's my before pictures.
I was deffinetly excited to get started. But... half way through I was breathing heavy and wanting to just. be. done. My motivation was, " I have to keep going for as long as the insturctor keeps going. Push through". After the 20 minutes was up... My skin felt damp, my heart was racing, my blood was flowing, and I was breathing hard! But I felt so accomplished and glad I did it!

Here's some challenges I faced throughout the day.
and some Tips that help me.

As soon as I wake up I fill my BPA-free water bottle half way full. 
You should really get one. 
It helps me keep track of how much I'm drinking, and defiantly makes drinking more easier. 
It's also super easy  to carry around the house and mr. Eli can't spill it!

I take a post-natal Vitamin, drink my water, and begin the 30 day shred.

After I'm done working my fat lazyness off...
 I relax for a little while.
Then I make a light breakfast. 
Either 2 eggs and a fruit, or Cereal with almond Milk.
The hardest thing for me to do is to say no to things like this.
A warm goooey brownie with bluebell Icecream.
Or perhaps my dad will offer me McDonalds for dinner.
I need to learn to not eat just because It taste good.

But to eat, just to energize and fuel my health.

So i made trail mix. Separated it into little baggies.
and when my munchies get the best of me..
I snack.
By the way: Trail mix is meant to be eaten one at a time.
 Savor the flavor and eat it slowly. Not one right after the other. Or a handfull.
Just CHILL and enjoy the treat.
(Note to self)

In other news.. Today Eli started standing with no hands for a good minute at a time.
I'm.... so proud. I love him.

He even can hold ONE of my hands, and take a few steps.

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  1. What a clever boy!
    I'm grabbing your button I'm sorry I thought I had it already, Also I've made a new one so if you wouldn't mind swapping the old one you have that would be great