Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh boy, Eli is growing again.
He's NINE months old today. I caaaaan't believe it.

 In a few short weeks he has learned so much. It seems like everyday he learns something new and gets a little bit stronger. He gathered up the courage to let go of the furniture and stand for a short while. He's still practicing but I think he'll master it any day! I watch him silently in awe from across the room. I smile with pride. He preformed his first sign. "Mama."  Oh, and when he cries it goes a little something like "mamamamamaaaama" It pulls at the heart strings I never thought existed. He attemps to sign other words like.. "Grandpa",  "nana", and I even think he's trying to finger spell "Eli".  He points at things in the most random moments. When his grandpa takes him to "drive" in the parking lot, excitement over welms him. He tightens all his anxious mustles and does the only thing he can.. Scream!!! A very high pitch squeal. The same rare excitement comes when he sees guitars.( As I type that word, I pronouced it "gee-tars" in my head.  because that's what we tell eli they are...) He also looooves swimming and will squeal and laugh and smile. It pulls every one of my heart stings. He is such a typical little boy, it's adorable.

My pride and joy.

My adorable snuggle bear.

My best friend.

My son.

My first love.

He growls and grunts.

He loves boobs, fast cars, and gee-tars.

These pictures are taken by emily blincoe. She is suuuuuch a great picture taker. I'm so glad she
she's my sister! I look up to her tons.

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