Thursday, February 10, 2011

five months.

I can't believe how smart you've gotten. You're making mama so proud. Yes, I do take one hundred percent credibility for all you've accomplished. May the next five months be as wonderful or better than the first. I love, love, love you, little man. Can't wait to go swimming with you. Can't wait to chase you around and take you on adventures. I can't to see you crawl and hear "mama". :)

-You can take your binky out and put it back in.
-Roll from back to tummy.
-You've been standing since you were 6 weeks old. Now you've mastered standing on your own i just have to help you balance.
-Baby push ups!
- little scoots across the floor.
-Eat and grab everyting in your little arms reach.

Morning hair and crazy faces.

                                           Baby wearing big ears.
                                                 Lots of Laundry and Yawns.
Look red, eh? :/
Eating mirror baby.
 Being extra cute.

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