Friday, February 11, 2011

Numero uno noche.

I can't believe how weak I am when it comes to Eli. I'm sure if someone held him hostage, I would go to brutal extreme limits to get him back. Any mom would. In my case, I'm so terribly weak, I can't even let him cry for more then a few seconds. Last night I attempted to get him to sleep in his own bed, due to his extreme tossing and turning during the night. Here is how it went down.. MOM FAIL.
6:20- He fell asleep in the car. I transitioned him from car to crib with no problem.
7:00- Wide awake! So I read him a few books and fed him. After puting him in his crib I rubbed his head or his back.I even held his hand till he finally fell asleep.
8:00- Asleep.
1:30am- He nursed and was having a terrible time getting back to sleep.
3:00am- I give up. Back in bed with me you go Eli..
7:45am- Wow. Thanks for letting me sleep in little guy! :)

I won't give up!The pros of sleeping on his own out weigh the cons. I'll try again tonight... Please, please wish me luck. I need all the strength!

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