Monday, August 8, 2011

My little boy has literally grown so fast right in front of my face. One month Shy of a YEAR OLD. I haven't taken my eyes off of him this whole time and he still seems to surprise me. I can't believe how much he's capable of understanding. I've never practiced clapping hands or kissing with Eli, but when I requested it he somehow knew exactly what to do. He picks up on new things ALL the time. I asked him to throw the ball to me, and somehow, just like that.. he knew what needed to be done. He's so smart. And I'm pretty sure he knows more then I can even give him credit for. This is seriously my favorite age by far. He's so engaged and curious and not to mention, silly!

Here's some words I know he understands but still can't speak..

Shifter ( in the car)
Kiss me
Clap your hands
Im going to get you!
Throw it
Nana (boobies.)

Hes prety amazing  and beyond cute. I couldnt be more proud to say he's mine.
He's walking more and more everyday. Which I seriously love.

Even though he's growing and learning so fast... He's still my little baby who neeeds me. :)
and I'm loving every second.

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