Thursday, July 14, 2011


I've been wanting to wright about this for awhile. I just never knew how to start..


Let's talk about my strong opinions on penis. Eli's not circumcised penis, that is.

First of all, after I found out I was having a boy I had to figure out what was the best thing to do. For me, It was sooo obvious that I shouldn't cut 15 square inches of sexual nerves off my son's penis just because everyone else is. He was born with foreskin... so he should probably stay that way. It's there for a reason. In fact I'm going to get a little bit nerdy on you. The penis foreskin is there to protect the most sensitive part, the head. When you remove the foreskin, via circumcision, the head starts to form a callus to protect itself. (Umm? If I was a man I'd want my head to stay as sensitive as possible!! Callused head? BLAH!)
When we have sex our fore-skin releases a drug into our body that makes us feel in love. Well.. Unfortunately for circumcised men, they never get to feel that deep emotional sexual connection. Pooor poor them. Someone cut off a piece of their body. Because it's the thing to do? Bullshit. Rates are 50/50. Besides, who gives a crap. Stop following the crowd. Becuase of the risk of infection? Bullshit. My vagina is just as likely to get infected.

Get your shit straight and STOP CIRCUMCISING. It's unnecessary.
I like my penises UNCUT.
the way god made them.


  1. both my boys are uncircumcised, but my husband is not. i know down the line we'll get questions from them on why they look different from their daddy. but that's all right. i feel that circumcision is completely unnecessary. how can you allow yourself to mutilate a child that is too young to voice his own opinion?

  2. I have a little girl so I have no strong opinion on this at the moment but I'm sure if my little girl was a little boy I wouldn't get him circumcised either. Although I'm not sure about how my fiance would feel about it, but I do think it's unnecessary!

    Oh Jazmyn