Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hi my loves. Sorry for my lack of updates. I'm not going to shoot you any bull crap excuses. The truth is, I just have been feeling shitty about myself. I'm working on registering for A.C.C, and I feel yucky nervous about that. I also am completely addicted to food, and feel sooo guilty about how much I eat. I defiantly am disappointed in myself. Haven't been making all that great choices. But things are changing.

Eli on the other hand is doing so well. He's 10 months old. Probably my favorite age ever! His personality is shining through and it's so adorable. He'll pick up on me being silly and play along. He claps when I ask him too, and gives me open mouth kisses when I ask for them. He loves being chased. His favorite thing is cuddling with his mama. He talks all days longg about " ba ba ba. da da da da da da. na na na. ma ma ma". He is taking more and more steps everyday. The best part about this age is he doesn't really mind going with the flow. He thinks its hilarious to scream at me. Ohhh he's precious.

I love him so so so so much.

Pictures later homie.

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