Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yesterday my oldest sister, Sarah, came over and really inspired me. 
I've been thinking about my family, and people I know. I've been thinking about myself. And how stressed out we all are. How lazy and unmotivated I am. How crazy and all over the place my emotions really  are. I've been thinking about everyone who desperately seeks out for some confidenace and happiness within themselves. About the people who seek happiness through stuff. Computer. Food. Lounging. Tv. Beer.  Drugs. 
We all look for comfort. 

So where is the best place to find comfort? Exercise. It releases so many endorphins into your body and mind to stabilize your stress levels and emotions. It makes you have MORE energy and feel more confidante. And not to mention its so not hard to do. What are you doing after you read this blog? Oh nothing important? Then put a towlel on the floor and see howany crunches you can do without resting. It won't waste any bit of your time but maybe 3 minutes. And I promise you'll feel good about it. Eating right. It does take a little effort and planning but it is fun to learn how to do it. Think of it as a new hobbie your learning. It makes you feel clean and energetic. It makes you look GOOD. It all starts with making one decission at a time and really focusig on what your doing and what you could be doing. Eat. Pray. And love. It's a beautiful balance everyone needs.
 Love meaning: Doing things for yourself. Cleaning, exercising, eating right, reading, playing music, ANYTHING positive. It also means doing things for others. Forgiving, helping, loving, greeting a stranger, and surprising others.
Pray meaning: pray to whoever for wisdom and strength. Thank whoever for happiness and peace. 
Eat meaning: well, you know. ;)

I'm mainly telling myself this. 
May first. My lifestyle is changing.

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  1. i saw your blog mentioned on allie's twitter. you are so wise beyond your years. eli is lucky to have such a caring mommy.