Thursday, April 14, 2011

I hope I get this jooooobbb!

Today I applyed for a job at Amy's Icecream.
They gave me a bag, and told me to be creative.
Here's my creative application:

I don't know about ya'll but, I think I did a damn good job.
Okay.. okay... I traced... OH WELL.

I loaded Eli in the stroller, and went to turn in my application.
I accidently got there before the store was open, so Eli and I played in the grass.
I held him as he stood there looking around. I slowly let go. He stood there by himself for 4 long seconds. I could no believe it! HE'S NOT EVEN 7 MONTHS YET! ahhh slow down Eli, please.

I'm not sure why, but I feel sooo confident about this job! I think I really might get it!
She called me and scheduled an interview for Monday.
The position is part time. 2 or 3 days a week. andddd it's late shift! Till midnight or 1am.
That's perfecccccct! Just what I was looking for! 
Eli is yet again sleeping in his crib. I'm happy.
 Although I have definitely been slacking. I've been taking naps with him and when he starts whining during the night I scoop him up and put him back in my bed.
Ugh. I seriously need to be more consistent with this.
After all... I might get this job and he's going to have to learn to sleep without me.


  1. i really hope you get the job! what a cool interview idea. :) i hope this doesn't come off as rude but have you considered looking for a nanny job? post on craigslist and often times you can find families that will let you take your baby to their house while you watch their kid. and then eli would have a friend to grow up with, without having to be in a daycare. you'd most likely get a free lunch (even if it's just a sandwich and some chips!) and use their baby toys/books. it's what i do and i love it. just a thought (although i'm SURE and hope the icecream job is going to work out!)

  2. I did think about that! It sounds all dandy and everything, but i do believe I might go insane. I need some time to myself outside of the house. Some adult interaction would really do my sanity some good.

    and also, i'd only be working after i put Eli to sleep! so it works out great! thanks soooo much allie for caring.