Saturday, February 12, 2011

3rd, but definitely not last night.

I'm sorry people of Ferber Method, but I can't just let Eli scream bloody murder with tears on his face for 5 minutes then rub his back and walk away. With the blankets wet from tears, i HAD to hold his hand and whisper "mama loves Eli. I'm not going anywhere baby" while rubbing his little head. What the hell is wrong with that?  After all, I am his mama and he will NEVER be this little again and no one can love him as much as i can. No one else can rub lotion all over his body every night. No one else can sing to him and read stories about The Wild Things. I'm his one and only mama and I have to rescue him if he's crying. But thankfully he fell asleep in his crib around 7;30. No biggie. :)
My son knows i love him.
I'm still not giving up! He will sleep on his own! Last night he freaking fell off the bed. MOM FAIL. I couldn't sleep so I just had to grab him... SORRY. 

Here's my baby cakes at 2 months old.
 YUP! That's right! Property of Mom. Forever. :)

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