Tuesday, December 7, 2010

War has begun.

The legal system is a terrifying place, that I wish I never stepped foot in to begin with. I'm debating whether or not to go after child support or dismiss my case. The only reason I'm considering dropping the case is the off chance Kalem might actually receive some visitation rights. The judge also wants to consider changing Eli's last name to Medders. Gross. I strongly doubt that would ever happen considering Kalem has not done a damn thing. It took him about a month and a half after Eli was born to even ask what his name was. Over my dead body will Eli call that careless man "dad". Eli deserves a dad who loves him with every ounce of his being and wishes to provide him with the world. When the time is right, I know he'll have that perfect male figure in his life. It is my job as a mother to protect his innocence. I will do whatever I humanly possibly can to give him all the tools he needs in life to strive at being the absolute best little man he can be. And that begins with making sure his sperm donor never steps foot in his life... 

Dear god, please help me. I only want the absolute best for my baby...

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  1. you are such a good mama, eli is super lucky! i love this and your post about teen moms. i bet a lot of people will find this so encouraging, not many people write so honestly and i think that's a really good thing.