Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just my luck.

It seems like whenever anyone comes over to visit Eli, in hopes that he'll be in a decent mood to play, he's not. He's actually in the worst mood he's been in all day. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or Eli just doesn't want anyone who doesn't live with him to see how cute he truly is. It's kind of disappointing. As soon as our guest leaves, Eli starts babbling and smiling once again. Why can't he show everyone else what I see? On the other hand, I am truly blessed to get to see every minute of his life. Today, I swear he said "mommy". I would say mimi, and he'd try to mimic my sound, and it turned out to be mommy! My dad doesn't believe that's what he said, but I do. Even if Eli has no clue what came out of his mouth, it still was music to my ears.

He just got over 2 days of growing pains, and it's as if he's a brand new baby! Good bye newborn, hello infant! He only took an hour nap today, when usually he'll sleep off and on all day long. I'm proud to say he wasn't grumpy from lack of sleep! He talked more then usual and even laughed a bit. It brought tears to my eyes. My little mustard seed is growing right in front of my eyes..

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