Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello, hello! How are you? I'm fine.
Things are quiet around here, but lately that is just the way I like it.
Besides Eli being so so so wild.
I intend to stay far away from any drama.

in other news....

I spilled cereal on my laptop. aaaaggghhh.
Quickly poured rice over the keyboard and let it soak.
It still is working fine, but since I removed some keys to get the rice out, I can't seem to put the keys back in! :(
So as i click the tiny dot of a Shift bar button, I promise myself to never eat at my desk again.

p.s   T-Minus 6 days till Eli turns one!! ahhhhhh!!!

p.s I'm probably insane for doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result.
p.s this is random and pointless.


  1. What a little cutie! I just discovered your blog on Top Baby Blogs and you seem to be a lot like me. :) I would love for you to do a guest post on my blog. :) Let's link up!


  2. You look like you are doing a really good job! Your baby is soo soo cute!!

  3. new follower! love your family and your blog! So close to his birthday, can't wait to see that post!

  4. Yep, we also have the 'cereal spilt on lap' game most mornings as well.... :-) Thanks for sharing

  5. He's ONE ALREADY? Oh my goodness, time needs to slow down. I've been so busy as Henry gets older and I've really fallen behind on the blog reading. I wanted to let you know that I think about you two occasionally. I hope that doesn't sound creepy, haha. Hope you guys are doing well! Can't wait to catch up on all that I've missed!