Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I don't think it's wrong that I am in total awe over any newborn I see. I want oneeee! It's just my instinct. I'm only woman. 

Anyway... I need help! (With blog technical difficulties of course)
HELP HELP HELP! Like how do I center my freaking blog header?
and how do I make my pages not be boxed off? UGH.
Well, Eli got his shots today. 
He's a little grumpy but he'll be okay! 
He stopped crying the second I gave him a lollipop.
 I hate the doctors office. ugh.
I feel like a bucket head.

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  1. Man I have been having issues with my blog setup too! but I can help you with this, also do you mind checking if my header looks like its in the middle on your screen, it looks fine on my but not on my mob... weird

    You can position your header image by going to
    Design--> Template Designer--> Advanced--> Add CSS--> Input code below.

    #Header1_headerimg {
    position: relative;

    Adjust the 100px to your liking. Higher numbers will push the header to the right.