Sunday, March 13, 2011

half way there.

Oh dear. You are half way to One Year!

Come here Eli, let me snuggle you. So close our noses are touching. I can feel your heart beat as I listen to the motion of your breath. You hold my thumb ever so tightly, just the way you have since you were born. You smile back at me. I know exactly what you're thinking. " I'm warm, I'm cozy, and I'm here with my most favorite person!"

I know I keep complaining about you getting bigger. But honestly sweetie, I don't mind. You will always be my baby no matter how old and hairy you may become. If you're grumpy or laughing your butt off, I still love you. So deeply. 

You are the most precious thing I've ever met. You are my best friend. You brighten up my day. I couldn't image living without my sidekick. 
I'm still waiting for this parenting thing to get hard.
It's getting easier, and you're getting more cute!

Photos by: Emily Blincoe.

^Ugggh. I made it a habit to hold your Binky in my mouth.

^ My outdoors man

^ Love the way you cheeks look when you look down.

^ This is how I always hold you. Yyou are a kicking bird!

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