Monday, February 28, 2011

Pregnant in High school.

This is probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to overcome. Waking up every dreaded morning with a terrible stomach pain, trying my absolute hardest to get up the energy to get dressed. Sitting in class and suddenly feeling so hot, staring to sweat, about to pass out, only thing on my mind was run to the nurse. As soon as I got in the nurse's office I didn't care anymore. "I'm pregnant. About to pass out." I blurted out as fast as I could. At that moment, I knew it was over. Soon the whole school would know. Frankly, I was just going to have to live with that.
I absolutely hated walking among my peers and getting stares and hearing whispers.. "Is she? "
 "OMG, She is! haha!" 
"She's making it up." 
"I heard she's on crack."
There came a point in my pregnancy when pretty much everyone I went to school with no longer had anything in common with me. I was studying about babies, they were more worried about drama and being completely immature. Finally I could no longer take their ignorance and rudeness. I was a GRUMPY pregnant freshman who always told people how I felt.I no longer could focus in class. Many times I just wanted to cry. A few times I actually did cry. (And of course got made fun of)
I wanted to be out of school more then anything. I wanted to be around people who actually care about themselves and other people. 
Am I stronger or better from this experience? I don't think so. I think I could of gone my whole life without that torture and I'd still be a pretty good kid.
Thank god it's over.

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