Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Emotionally ATTACHED.

My heart is tied to your every need. My heart melts when you smile at me, and it rushes when you cry. My heart doesn't know how to feel without you, and honestly I'd be just fine if I didn't have to leave your side for the next 5 years. When I see you upset I automatically know what it is you need. I wouldn't even let you cry for more then a few seconds. There has been a few times when there was just absolutely nothing I could do to console you, and it completely broke my heart. The first two days you were alive, I refused to let you leave my side in the hospital. You slept in my arms as if you were made for that spot. You are so perfect and so sweet I couldn't even image handing you to the doctor to go get a piece of your genitals sliced off when you were only a day old. I couldn't image not holding you next to my heart every night as I have for the past 14 months. I didn't leave your side while you slept for the first 3 weeks. If you were to ever disappear I would become an empty soul. My colors would turn dull and words would have no emotion. You are what I live for.

I live to see you grow. I'm here to hold you if you need me. I'm watching to see you succeed and still love you when you fail. I'm so incredibly emotionally attached to you. My heart loves yours.
I wish I could stop everyone from ever breaking your heart. I want to be able to protect your skin from ever getting a bump or bruise. At this point in your life, everything is funny. Lets keep it that simple.I would love to be the kind of mom you never stop kissing on the lips. I hope you always remember how much I loved you and how much you make me smile.
When you meet a girl, remember to treat her as if your mama was watchin.



  1. this is so beautiful. when i was pregnant with henry i kept telling myself to stop obsessing with thoughts of what it would be like to be a mama, to hold him for the first time, to sleep with him next to me at night...because i was afraid that when he did come those feelings wouldn't be new anymore- does that make sense? anyway, what a fool i was to think that! there's just no way to imagine how much love your heart feels until you have that baby in your arms.

    also, you are very pretty. :)

  2. When Eli was born, nothing really felt new! It just felt right. ya know? Thank you, thank you. You made my evening!

  3. OKAY. so i just tweeted this post. i just love it and keep thinking about it randomly. anyway, i hope it brings some new followers your way (but i'm so new to twitter, who knows!)

    have a great day pretty lady!