Sunday, January 23, 2011

two days away..

Eli and myself went to spend a few days at my brothers house. It was kind of nerve racking knowing I wouldn't have ALL my stuff and maybe Eli wouldn't like it... But everything turned out just fine. It was nice to be in a new setting. I can't lie though... I'M SO GLAD TO BE HOME!!

The big reason I went over for so long was to see Mr. Raley! (My brothers, girlfriends, nephew.) I baby sat him all summer while I was pregnant to help with my diaper-funds. He's now 2 years old and it trips me out to see how big he is. When Raley coughed it was kind of 'ew'. While Eli coughs, it's kind of cute. I change Raleys diaper- and it's like i'm changing a big kid! I change Eli's- and well he's just a little guy with a cute butt.
They really enjoyed each other. Eli could not stop admiring the first other little person he's ever seen. Raley just wanted to hold Eli's hand the whole way home. And when I was tickling Raley, Eli started to laugh super hard. It was a great experience.

Raley way younger ^.

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