Wednesday, January 12, 2011


You don't realize how much you LOVE breastfeeding until you read a heart wrenching blog about how sad it is to stop.
Eli is 4 months old tomorrow and I couldn't even fathom no longer breast feeding in just 2 months. I love when he pets my chest like a dog and grasps my finger the way he did the day he was born. I love watching his eyes roll back and drift into dreamland. I love holding him close and rubbing his back. Most of all, I love that he needs me.

Ugh i'm having such a hard time letting him grow.

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  1. motherhood is so strange, isn't it? like, you're really excited to see your baby grow and do new things and then the next second you're thinking, "stop growinggggg!" i breastfed henry until he was a year and it was amazing, i agree. although it was hard to stop, it was just time. you'll naturally wean yourself from it and it won't be as hard as you imagine.

    love your blog, i just saw your post on the boy named after a car. henry has that same baseball onesie and also a very bald head. so cute!